Our Intention

Our vision is to bring the artist lifestyle to the world by creating art that speaks for itself, but also by verbalizing and communicating the authentic value that springs from creative expression to the tribe. The world we live in is a great living work of art and you are a part and co-creator in it. We are all connected through our individuality and united by art. We all are artists.

With this shop we want to offer you the most outstanding clothing and accessoires to fulfill your life as an artist. Make your appearance an attractive artwork and let your creativity shine.

Let’s overflow the world with inspiration and awaken the artist in everyone.

Who we are

We are Michael and Cecilia two artists from Switzerland, we’ve always been into art and creating, since we were young. We’re always developing new skills to express our inspiration and looking for ways to share the benefits and fulfillment we experience through authentic self-expression. With this site we want to contribute our part to the artists community by providing as much value as we can.